21st September

~ Plain
[22 Sep]

Team One had a great success in Kharazan yesterday, taking The Curator down on the first attempt and proceeding to chess swiftly, to bring two more epics to the table.

The curator dropped shortly before his third evocation was meant to hit, congratulations to Therra for obtaining [Gloves of the Fallen Champion] and to Goldorf for his newly gifted [Forest Wind Shoulderpads].

From the Chess event, we picked up [Mithril Chain of Heroism] and [Ring of Recurrence] which, unfortunately, no-one needed and so were disenchanted. The proceeds from the disenchanted items will be put to buying potions for the next raid.

On top of this, Banti is in the process of finishing a new logo for the guild which he has designed by hand. When digital colour has been applied, you can expect it to be hanging around this page for a while to come! Comment on the art here.

Oh, and we're also actually going to have news on the news page. Huzzah!


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